Beyond The Realm

Join WestCoast Paranormal Investigators on their travels as they discover the stories waiting to be told. Each Wednesday, they’ll be analysing one of their recent investigations in a live, interactive studio session. WCPI are a genuine team of spiritually aware compassionate people dedicated in delivering truth. Their aim is to help raise the consciousness & vibration of our beautiful planet & aid others to understand the unexplained, bringing peace through detailed information from the Universal Energies. Their purpose is to work from a space of unconditional love, light & integrity to bring healing to all spirit, energies, situations & locations, also aiding when asked in the beautiful transition of guiding spirit to their choice & space of tranquility… their space of home…


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John Rolls


John Rolls



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Series 4

1) Private Residence, St Clears

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Beyond The Realm

Full paranormal investigations from the WestCoast Paranormal Team

Run Time: 20-45 mins . Genre: Paranormal . No Of Series: 3

Featuring: WestCoast Paranormal Investigators

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